Warm Roof comes to Essex– The first and only approved tiled conservatory roof replacement system in the UK today

Replace your conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof this year with SJC Builders.

The Guardian Warm Roof is a complete conservatory replacement roof for your conservatory and the only replacement roof available that has Building Control Certification. Every one designed and fabricated to the exact specification for your roof and tailor built for your house. In some cases only 3 days are needed to transform your old conservatory so there is minimal disruption for you to gain maximum use from your living space.

These innovative new warm roofs will transform your conservatory into an energy efficient year round living space, retaining heat in the winter and providing ample light and ventilation in the summer. Together with our Fakro windows, available in a multitude of colours, UV protected and weather resistant coatings, it really is an easy choice to make.

We also offer an amazing choice of internal and external finishes to transform your existing conservatory. Personalise the interior in Plasterboard or Timber finishes to suit your current conservatory design and choose from various roof tile and shingle textured finishes for the exterior roof, making the most of your homes existing features.

Are you Building a new Sun Lounge extension roof to your Home?

The Guardian Roof is the perfect finish to your new build sun lounge. With its innovative design and structural excellence the Guardian Roof is revolutionising the roofing industry. You can simply send in your base plans and the Guardian Roof is designed and fabricated to custom fit your project.

With a u-value of 0.16 the Guardian Roof outperforms most traditional conservatory roof extensions for thermal efficiency, and with the capability to be installed as low as 15 degree pitch it makes projects possible that otherwise wouldn’t.

The Guardian Extension Roof has a sleek and sharp finish achieved using a lightweight roof tile that offers a 30 year guarantee. The unique design also allows for the inclusion of any size roof window to allow light and ventilation into your new space.

What’s different about Us?

We adopt a whole new perspective to Home improvement and extensions by looking at the best options for you and your needs, working together to give you something wonderful. That is why we’re in a position to offer this ground breaking new technology.

Whatever your requirements we provide a variety of options including an amazing supply of doors and window styles, colours, shapes and sizes to suit your personality and perfectly match your home. And with every door and window being “A” rated for energy efficiency, you can be sure of reducing your energy requirements and reducing your personal carbon footprint.

We believe in providing a personal service, advising on every aspect of the process; from design and organising the drawings to the paperwork, acting on your behalf with planning & building regulations and all the associated red tape.